The Hosts


Ron is a long-time Disney fan taking his first trip to Disney World when he was 5 and continuing to take it well into his late 20s. Even got engaged in Disney World and celebrated his honeymoon in Disneyland. While being his own Disney fan, Ron is also the Proud Owner of RJT Travels, a full-service travel agency, and he is a Certified Travel Agent. Helping others turn their dreams into Vacations.


At the age of 9, Jennifer and her family took a vacation to a magical place called Walt Disney World. Since then, her love and passion for the Disney Parks have grown tremendously! To her it’s not just a theme park with crowds. They are parks full of creativity and artistry at its finest! Outside her Disney Adult life, Jennifer is an art teacher and works with several school’s theatre departments.


Emily is a lifelong Disney fan and creator. She has devoted her life to dancing with several companies and traveling the world. She enjoys her side business of making and selling Disney Minnie Mouse ears and she loves finding fun ways to spend her days when she’s not in school to get her teaching degree.


Guest Hosts


Catherine is a passionate Disney lover and her favorite character is Ariel. She has been to Disney World multiple times and loves to share her stories and experiences with others. She is always excited to discuss the latest Disney news and theories. Catherine is a great resource when it comes to all things Disney and is always ready to have a great conversation about it.



With the same love of Disney as her sister Jen, Julia is a Beauty and the Beast Fan and enjoys her trips to Disney. She is always pumped to learn about the latest things happening around the Disney parks, and makes sure to keep us all up to date. Julia loves the podcast especially digging in her heels in that episodes Disney Game.